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Benefits of Membership

Requirements to Become IDA Life Member

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Download Constitution & Bylaws of Indian Dental Association of California

I have read above requirements to become an Indian Dental Association of California Life member. In making this application, I agree that the Indian Dental Association of California may investigate my qualifications.

I, therefore, pledge myself, as a condition of membership in the Association, to live in strict accordance with all its principles, declarations and regulations, as presented in the Constitution & Bylaws of the Indian Dental Association of California which I have received and read.

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Professional Benefits

  • IDA Membership opens a gateway to make a difference in your practice and your profession.
  • IDA offers high quality Continuing Education seminars by well known speakers to the members at discounted fees. Continuing Education seminars enable members to keep up-to-date on professional and clinical changes and events affecting the dental profession.
  • As a professional organization, IDA helps members to excel and to uphold the dignity of the profession. It conducts over 50 hours of continuing education annually by hosting nationally and internationally renowned speakers.
  • Network with colleagues and friends and build a community.
  • IDA guides and helps novices in setting up practices, finding employment, or taking board exams.
  • Young dentists can look for information and support from more “matured” members during their transitions from dental student, to dentist graduate, and into establishing their own practice.

Social Benefits

  • IDA organizes many social events throughout the year like Holi picnic, Golf tournament, Diwali celebration, Cruises, Bollywood movies etc. to preserve the unique Indian cultural inheritance and whereby Intra and Inter Community cohesion is achieved which will be socially beneficial.
  • To help the needy through its charity drive, donation of professional services by its members and by providing a forum for various organizations for their charitable cause.
  • Members enjoy social events re-establishing friendships and making new ones.

Other Benefits

  • Politically inspired dentists have a chance to run for various offices and show their leadership talent as well as the commitment to the organization and it goals.
  • To protect the image and the interest of the profession and its membership IDA works in concert with other professional organizations and encouraging members to take active part in ADA, CDA, local chapters, and AGD.
  • IDA can provide an organized platform to give back to your community. Through your participation with IDA, you can take part in numerous community activities working towards optimum oral health for all citizens.